Here’s My 2015 Camera of the Year!

Wildly successful photo-blogger Steve Huff has announced his 2015 Camera of the Year, so I guess it’s high time I announce mine. In a minute. I need to snark a bit first.

Huff chose the $7,450 Leica SL… which, I should point out in the spirit of balance, was chosen by the intrepid Canadians at CameraStoreTV as their second-worst camera of the year. Granted, the hosts were pretty drunk by then – they had been playing beer pong, except with lenses instead of cups and Old Fashioned shots instead of beer  – but their criticisms of the Leica SL (”It’s enormous… it’s the same price as a car…the handle is designed like a broom handle…it forgets that humans have middle fingers…”) strike me as spot-on.

Of course I don’t read Huff for advice, but for entertainment. I’ve given up reading all the other big-name sites – those of David, Joe, Moose, Kirk, Zack, and all the rest of the self-promoting Photo Blogsmen of the Plugocalypse. Too irritating. But Huff is such a cheerfully enthusiastic gear magpie, crowing over anything new and shiny, that I can’t help but smile. His blog takes me back to the innocent days when I could still believe that a different camera or lens might actually make my photos mean something.

But enough (or enuff) about Huff. So what’s my 2015 Camera of the Year? It is (drum roll) the fantastic, the sensational, TheCameraYouAlreadyOwn!

Let me assure you that a lot of thought and calculation went into this selection. Here are the key reasons that TheCameraYouAlreadyOwn is the best camera of 2015, and probably 2016 as well:

  • Image quality and performance – Think about it: Have you ever taken even one really good picture with TheCameraYouAlreadyOwn? I’ll bet you have. Well, TheCameraYouAlreadyOwn is only a mechanical object; if it can take a good picture once, there’s no reason it can’t take a good picture EVERY time – as long as your own skills are up to it. Upgrading skills is harder than buying a new camera, but it’s also cheaper, more fun, and more effective.
  • Convenient controls and menus – Reviewers complain constantly about new cameras’ confusing layouts and controls. (The Canadians zing the Leica SL because all its control buttons are completely unmarked, like Big Julie’s blank dice in Guys and Dolls – you just have to remember what they do.) But the controls of TheCameraYouAlreadyOwn should feel as if you’ve already used it for months or years… because you have.
  • Price – Seriously, assuming anyone reading this were actually going to buy a Leica SL… can you imagine what, say, Doctors Without Borders could do with that $7,450? (and that’s without a lens!) On the other hand, you’ve already paid for TheCameraYouAlreadyOwn, so you can keep right on using it for the low, low price of free. Hard to beat that deal!

So, take my advice and pick up my 2015 Camera of the Year, TheCameraYouAlreadyOwn. You don’t even need to click a link or visit a dealer to get immediate free delivery – it’s probably right there in the drawer or cabinet where you left it last time. Just check the battery and stuff, and then get out and go for it! The beer pong can wait.